Internet user believes in Lesnar's knockout over Velasquez

This Saturday (23), the heavyweight Brock Lesnar defends his belt against Cain Velazquez at UFC-121, and internet users from SUPER FIGHTS gave their guesses about the confrontation. In the poll carried out by the website, of the 652 received, 62.8% believe in the current champion's knockout, while 22.5% believe in the challenger's knockout. Check out the full results of the poll below:


Brock Lesnar by knockout: 62.8%


Cain Velazquez by knockout: 22.5%

Brock Lesnar per completion: 4.44%


Cain Velazquez per completion: 2.91%

Brock Lesnar in the judges' decision: 2.60%


Cain Velazquez in the judges' decision: 4.60%

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