Ken Shamrock admits to using anabolic steroids during his career

Known since the beginning of the UFC as the “Most Dangerous Man in the World”, Ken shamrock admitted this Friday that his force contained “extra” help. The 46-year-old veteran fighter said he had used anabolic steroids throughout his professional career.


Ken tested positive for multiple steroids after his last fight – in February 2009 – when he submitted Ross Clifron. However, at the time, the athlete denied this practice, stating that a mixture of supplements had caused the “false positive”. But last night, the American went back and said he had always doped to compete.



“It’s easy and simple,” said Shamrock, referring to the use of irregular substances.



“No one wants to take responsibility, but everyone wants to see bigger and stronger athletes”, said the athlete in a release with the title: “UFC Hall of Fame member admits using anabolic steroids throughout his fighting career”.



Ken Shamrock should return to fight later this year, when he faces Brazilian Pedro Rizzo at Impact FC, an event that takes place in July, in Australia


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