Paulo Filho fights today in Santos

Used to big fights at renowned events, black belt Paulão Filho will have a different challenge tonight. The former WEC champion faces the unknown Daniel Gabriel, a giant measuring 1,94m tall and weighing 116kg. The clash will be the main attraction of the Memorial Arena, an event that takes place today, in the city of Santos, in São Paulo.


Besides Paul Philo, another prominent fighter on the show will be heavyweight Fábio Maldonado who will face off against Peruvian Jackson Moura. Check out the full event card.



– Paulão Filho vs. Daniel Gabriel (Chile).
– Fábio Maldonado (Memorial Arena) vs. Jackson Moura (Peru);
– Diego Sebastião (Memorial Arena) vs. Samuel Ferreira (Contato Livre Bertioga);
– Jerry Tolentino (Peru) vs. Leandro Feijão (Relma);
– Marcelo Zulu (CM System) vs. Felipe (Bronx's);
– Nazarene (Thiago tavares) vs. Antonico (Paraná);
– Allan Froes (Memorial Arena) vs. Marcio Fernando (Luiz Brum);
– Ewerton Santana (Memorial Arena) vs. Ailton Alves (Luiz Brum);
– Wellington “Tom” (Memorial Arena) vs. Esmeraldo (AJJ);
– Anderson Toca (Ranieri) vs. Fernando Gaúcho (CM System);
– Marcio Nunes (Bronx’s) vs. Ozorio de Oliveira (Free Contact);
– Anderson Negão (Ranieri) vs. Giovani Lima (Gracie Barra);



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