Semmy Schilt wins fourth K-1 World GP

Semmy Schilt made history this Saturday morning and the K-1 World GP has a new four-time champion. The Dutch giant put on a show and got past Jerome LeBanner, Remy Bonjasky and Badr Hari, knocking out all his opponents in the first round to equal the legend Ernesto Hoost, as the biggest winner of the biggest striking tournament in the world.

In his first fight, Schilt had no difficulty getting past Jerome LeBanner, with a straight shot to the belt the Frenchman went to the canvas for the first time, taking advantage of the good moment, Semmy used his knees to achieve another knockdown and win the victory. quickly and convincingly.

In the semifinals, Schilt's opponent was the current champion, Remy Bonjasky, who started the fight better and with just a few seconds of fighting led Semmy to kiss the canvas, but showing a lot of patience the giant made use of his greater wingspan to dominate the duel and punish the opponent. With just over a minute Remy also went for a knockdown, still feeling the blows, the current champion was unable to withstand the pressure and fell again.


In the expected final, Semmy Schilt faced Badr Hari, who on the other side of the bracket beat Ruslan Karaev and alistair overeem. The Moroccan started by taking the initiative, throwing strong crosses into the void, but with an unpretentious jab against Hari, he went to the canvas. From then on, the Dutchman dominated the fight and a beautiful high kick led to his opponent being knocked down once again. Ruler of the fight, Schilt needed just a few more seconds to achieve another knockdown and win the fight by technical knockout.

Ewerton is defeated in the quarterfinals
The only Brazilian in the tournament, Ewerton Teixeira ended up eliminated in the quarter-finals. Facing the experienced alistair overeem, the Brazilian started the fight well, trying to impose his game, but with a knee in the clinch, much contested by the Tupiniquim corner who claimed an illegal blow, led to Ewerton being knocked out in the first round.



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