Renzo Gracie confirms signing with UFC

As already reported on the website SUPER FIGHTS (Remember here), the black belt Renzo Gracie confirmed the agreement with the UFC. The fighter announced in an interview with Sensei Sportv that he signed an agreement with the organization for six fights.

“It’s very signed… They wanted three fights, but I said six. Since it's about diving, we dive head first, there's no idle talk”, said Renzo, who is expected to make his debut against the former welterweight champion, Matt hugs, the only athlete to defeat the Royce gracie in the octagon.

“Everyone already knows, it’s the Matt hugs… I believe it will be him. He's not 100% yet, but I'm going to collect some of his old debts… We're going to tie things up, it's going to be one by one”, he added. Check out the interview video



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