Jorge Michelan comments on his victory at Real Fight

After finishing Fabricio “Pitbull” and win the Real Fight under-83kg belt, the Check-Mat athlete, Jorge Michelan talked to the website SUPER FIGHTS and analyzed how his victory went.

“I already expected the fight to be tough, Fabrício is a guy who has a lot of experience and experience, but I was focused on my strategy and wasn't going to change it. My area is jiu-jitsu, I train a lot every day and I couldn't change that. I knew he would try to take me to the ground, so I just waited for the right moment to make my play,” he said.

“I got choked up at the beginning when he set his pace, but I was waiting for the right time, until the moment I saw the moment and went for it,” said Michelan, commenting on how he made the attack that gave him the victory.


“Fabricio has a very good ground game and I put tremendous force on his heel, and he didn't even look like he was in pain (laughs), but I managed to sweep him and land on top, killing his leg and went for a leg lock. Thank God everything went well,” he said.

Asked about plans for the future, the fighter revealed that he has several invitations to return to the ring this year.


“I have several invitations, I'm happy to know that promoters want to see me at their events. Sometimes we have to break our heads to learn something, and that happened to me. I had to suffer two defeats to learn that I was too passive in fights…” said the brown belt. “I have invitations from Jungle Fight, Full Fight and a few other things that I learned about, but I want to end this year fighting here in Brazil and, God willing, with victory, to return to my dream of going to America”, concluded Michelan.


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