Real Fight decides champions

Jorge Michelan submits Fabrício Monteiro

Two title fights, an international fight and six more professional fights. All of this rocked the more than three thousand people who filled the gym at the Tênis Clube de São José dos Campos, this Saturday, to watch Real Fight 7. In the octagon, the crowd watched the victories of Carlos Galvão Caiçara, Jorge Michelan and André Chatuba , between others.

In the fight for the 83 kg belt, Fabrício Monteiro dominated the entire first round, when he fell and threw many punches from above. Without giving up, Jorge Michelan trusted his guard. After landing a heel hook, he progressed to a leglock and achieved the submission with just three seconds left before the bell.


Also worth the belt, but at 77 kg, André Chatuba delivered a beautiful takedown on Mario Soldado, which, in addition to lifting his opponent, ignited the crowd. After escaping a triangle, he punched from above and cut his opponent open. The referee stopped the fight and the doctors didn't let Soldado continue, which earned Chatuba the title.

In the international fight, with the full support of the São José fans, Carlos Galvão “Caiçara” almost submitted him with a leglock in the opening round, after being choked from below against Argentine Matias Lemon. In the second half, André Galvão's brother tried to take him down. Then, he passed guard, mounted, took the back and submitted with a rear naked choke.


In professional combats, the official sparring partner Mauritius Shogun, João Paulo Tuba, beat Allan Froes by split decision, in a highly studied fight. For Marcos Babuíno, a beautiful knockdown, after a flying knee, was enough to win Iliarde Santos by split decision. After escaping from mount, Tiago Bodão punched from inside the guard and knocked out Fernando Lageano in the opening round. Rogério Souza showed that he has sharp jiu-jitsu and, after taking down and mounting, he submitted Antonio Cacá with a tight triangle, in the second half. Marcio Sapo managed some good takedowns and beat Zé Conceição by unanimous decision. For the second time in Real Fight, Flávio Polonês tried to take down Ericson Cardoso and punched him while his opponent was on all fours. The referee intervened at 2min15s, which was another victory for Polonês in the organization.

Check out all the results:



83kg Belt – Jorge Michelan (Checkmat) submitted Fabrício Monteiro (Gracie Fusion) with a leglock at 4min57s of the 1st R

77kg Belt – André Chatuba (Relma/ Minotauro Team) beat Mario Soldado (CM Cystem) due to medical interruption at 2min40s of the 1st R


International fight (Brazil x Argentina):

– Carlos Galvão “Caiçara” (Atos MMA) submitted Matias Lemon (Top Fighting Team) with a rear naked choke at 3min12s of the 2nd R

Other fights:

– João Paulo Tuba (UDL) beat Allan Froes (Iglesias GT / Memorial) by split decision

– Marcos Babuíno (Macaco/ Chute Boxe) won Iliarde Santos (Ulisses Pereira) by split decision

– Tiago Bodão beat Fernando Lageano (CN System) by TKO in 1st R

– Rogério Souza (TFT) submitted Antonio Carlos Cacá (Macaco / Chute Boxe) with a triangle at 1min17s of the 2nd R

– Marcio Sapo beat Zé Conceição (Noaute Team / Liga JJ) by unanimous decision

– Flavio Polonês (Ruas VT) beat Ericson Cardoso (Bronxs Gold Team) by TKO at 2min15s of the 1st R

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