FJJD-Rio decides the champions

After a Saturday of many fights, the black belts returned to the Club Municipal gym, this Sunday (May 31), to decide the champions of each category in the State Championship of the Rio de Janeiro Sports Jiu-Jitsu Federation (FJJD -River). In addition, there were disputes for all absolute categories, from blue to black, which decided the athletes who will represent Rio de Janeiro in the challenge against São Paulo, which takes place in August. Among the teams, the champion was GFTeam, followed by Sardela, Nova União, Soul Fighters and Kioto.


In the featherweight division, after beating two opponents on Saturday, Lucio Flávio (Orlando Araujo) returned to the final against Igor dos Santos (Checkmat). After starting out losing by a sweep, Lucio returned the score with a takedown. With the draw at 2-2, the victory went to the athlete from Orlando Araujo, who managed four advantages.


The featherweight and light black belt finals were led by GFTeam athletes, who closed out the category. At featherweight the title went to Richard Flood, with two guard passes against one (6 to 3), who put up a real fight with teammate Bruno Barbosa. In the lightweight division, in a “combined” fight, something that is beyond the control of the event organization, Vitor Henrique submitted Teodoro Canal with an armbar. In the middleweight division there was no fight, as Gordo Jiu-Jitsu athletes Victor Bonfim and Zorobabel Junior, who had great fights the day before, closed the category and preferred not to fight.

The disputes returned in the light heavyweight category. Renan Vital (Gordo JJ) and Douglas Moura (Behring) faced each other for gold. After suffering two points (sweep), Vital reacted with two sweeps and two guard passes (10 to 2). In the heavyweight category, Thiago Oliveira (GFTeam) and Leandro Ataíde (Nova União) fought a tough fight, in which Oliveira took advantage due to his takedown attempts and took his place at the top of the podium.


While in the super heavyweight division Renato Fraga (GFTeam) was the champion, in the super heavyweight category Ricardo Evangelista and Gabriel Ingênito, despite being from the same team (GFTeam), fought hard. In the decision, Evangelista managed a sweep and back catch to beat his opponent 6-2.



In the lightweight absolute, Wallace Castro (GFTeam) was the champion, with Vitor Henrique in second place. In the middleweight division, Victor Bonfim first beat Denílson Pimenta (GFTeam) 4-2 (sweeps). In the semifinal, against Marcio Abreu “Tubarão” (GFTeam), the Gordo JJ representative secured the victory via submission, with a triangle. In the decisive fight, against Teodoro Canal, Victor won by three advantages. In the heavyweight absolute, the champion was Renato Fraga (GFTeam), who defeated Leandro Ataíde (Nova União) by judge's decision, after a lot of stand-up striking.


Leonardo Souza submitted two opponents, with an armbar and a standing American, respectively, and guaranteed his place in the Rio team. At medium, the best was Claudio Henrique (Checkmat), who submitted three opponents. Closing the graduation, in the heavyweight absolute the champion was Sérgio Teixeira (DDR), who beat Fernando Fidalgo (Roleta) in the decision.


ABSOLUTES ROXA (Rio de Janeiro team)

In the lightweight division, the winner was Daniel Bruno (Kbelinho/Gracie Barra), who defeated Gabriel Vilela (GFTeam) in the final by 5 to 2. In the middleweight division, once again the highlight was José Carlos (DDR), who submitted Mauricio Vargas (Nova Geração ) with a triangle. In the heavyweight category, they closed the category to Nova União Kauê Damasceno and Eduardo Rodrigues.


In the lightweight division, with good performances, the best was José Carlos Dias (Nova União). The fighter had three fights and finished in the final with a tight choke. In the midfielder Marcos Paulo (DDR) closed with teammate Marcos Vinicius. In the heavyweight division, the champion was Jeovanderson dos Santos (GFTeam), who had three fights.

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