Jorge Michelan comments on victory in new category

Called up at the last minute for Full Fight, an event that shook São Paulo last week, Jorge Michelan debuted in the under-93kg category with a great victory over Adriano “Magrão” Maciel, from Godoi Jiu-jitsu. The Check Mat athlete commented on how the match went:

“This fight was a bit crazy. Last month I had competed in the Brazilian submisson and I made the final with Adriano 'Magrão' Maciel, but I ended up losing by 2 falls. After the event, they invited me to fight against him under MMA rules at Full Fight, but I didn't accept because it would be in the under-93kg category. But on the day of the weigh-in, the opponent they had arranged for him didn't show up and they called me to fight. They contacted me at 18pm and the event started at 21pm, but I ended up agreeing to fight at the last minute”, said Michelan, who analyzed his victory.

“The fight was really cool, I managed to play my game, we exchanged a bit of blows, but he managed to be better because he has a bigger arm than mine. But in the second round I put him down and got caught,” said Jorge, who says he intends to establish himself in the 93kg division.


“I fought in a category I had never fought in before and I liked it. I always lose a lot of weight to fight and I was getting weaker”, concluded Jorge MIchelan, who already has a new challenge scheduled.

“I'm in the main fight of the WFC, which takes place on April 24th. I’m going to face the American David Baggett”, he concluded.


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