WOCS 3 stirs up public in Rio

The third edition of WOCS 3, an event organized by Tatá Duarte and Phillip Lima, was a great party. In addition to bringing great fights, many international MMA experts attended the event, fighters like Anderson Silva, Pedro Rizzo, Renato Babalu and José Aldo, among many others. In the VIP area, everyone received top-notch treatment and a breathtaking team of ring girls entertained the crowd in the stands. But as what really matters is what happens inside the ring, there was a lot of excitement in the quad set up at Clube Oásis, in Barra da Tijuca, this Thursday (March 20).

Renan Barao x André Minhoca
André Minhoca started well. In the first round, he landed good punches, tried to take him down and, when he landed on the bottom, he landed a good kick. Following the fight, Renan Barao began to dominate the actions. In round two, Barão defended the takedowns, landed on top and worked on ground and pound. In the final stage, with Minhoca visibly tired, Barão didn't mess around. After falling, he mounted and landed a tight triangle to finish.

Danilo Moto-Serra x Carlos Santos
Danilo Moto-Serra started off with his striking and soon after fell, a movement that took place in the three rounds. Carlos Santos never gave up. When the opponent went in for a takedown, he tried to surprise with knees. At the end of the third round, Carlos appeared more complete and had a good moment, but in the referees' decision it was worth Danilo's superiority, who worked well with ground and pound and was superior most of the time.


Maurício Reis x Felipe Olivieri
The fight between Felipe Olivieri and Maurício Reis was the most controversial of the night. Between the first and second rounds, he was paralyzed for a few minutes, as Maurício complained a lot about his opponent, who, according to him, had put Vaseline on his body and was very slippery. Until this moment, Felipe had the advantage in the fight. After Maurício's decision to continue, the fight resumed nervously and an intense exchange of blows began. And the one who got the best was Felipe, who knocked out his opponent. After the fight, Olivieri declared that he had not put Vaseline on his body.

Tateki Matsuda x Alvaro Bobadilla
Tateki Matsuda maintained the tradition of the Japanese who fight in Brazil and didn't mess around. After a balanced first round against Alvaro Bobadilla, he started to have the advantage. He avoided takedowns and was well on top in his striking. In the final turn, he managed to fall to the ground on top and was more aggressive until the bell. The victory came by unanimous decision.


Artur Gogó x Rafael Macuco
Gogó and Macuco had one of the most praised fights of the event. Jiu-jitsu black belts, both showed a lot of energy. Macuco started with a takedown, but Gogó counterattacked with a leglock and omoplata attempt. As the fight continued, Gogó managed to land takedowns and work on ground and pound. Macuco didn't give up and also had good moments on his feet, striking, but in the end, the victory went to his opponent by unanimous decision. The fight drew a lot of applause from the audience.

Fabiano Lucas “SpongeBob” x Allan Lopes
Fabiano SpongeBob quickly decided against Allan Lopes. After taking down, passing through, going to the back and squeezing his neck, he saw his opponent free himself and stay on top. Cause for concern? No. Bob showed that he has sharp jiu-jitsu and quickly finished with a fair armbar.


Paulo Bananada x Matheus Souza
Coming off the controversial defeat to Geovanni Diniz at Shooto, Paulo Bananada won again. Against Matheus Souza, Bananada dominated the first round with good striking and takedowns. In the second stage, the TFT fighter fell and landed a hard ground and pound blow, which opened a large cut on his opponent's forehead. The fight was stopped due to medical intervention and Bananada celebrated.

Fábio Oliveira Larvinha x Carlos Roberto
Fabio Larvinha did not joke against Carlos Betinho. He quickly got the takedown and attempted an arm triangle. Unsuccessful, he moved to the back and submitted him with a rear naked choke.

Amateur fights
The biggest highlight in the amateur fights was Rodrigo Ratinho. Against Eduardo Feliciano, the TFT fighter achieved yet another victory as an amateur. Ratinho took the fall and mounted, from where he locked in a tight armbar. But the victory came with a katagatame, in the first round.


Check out all the results:

Main Card
Renan Barao (Nova União) submitted André Minhoca (Top Brother) with a triangle in the 3rd R
Danilo Moto-Serra (Gracie Fusion) beat Carlos Santos (RFT) by decision (two votes in favor and a draw)
Felipe Olivieri (Nova União/Boxe Thai) beat Maurício Reis (BTT) by KO, in the 2nd R
Artur Gogó (Gracie Fusion) beat Rafael Macuco (BTT) by unanimous decision
Fabiano Lucas “Bob Esponja” (TFT) submitted Allan Lopes (BPT) with an armbar in the 1st R
Paulo Bananada (TFT) beat Matheus Souza (BPT) by TKO, in the 2nd R
Fábio Oliveira Larvinha (TFT) submitted Carlos Roberto (Caverna) with a rear naked choke, in the 1st R

Inter-anal wrestling
Tateki Matsuda (Japan) beat Álvaro Bobadilla (Top Brother/GFTeam) by unanimous decision

Amateur Fights

Rodrigo Ratinho (TFT) submitted Eduardo Feliciano (Caverna) with a katagateme, in 1st R
Rafael Braga (Brigadeiro) beat Júlio César Merenda (TFT) by disqualification in 2nd R
Jonatan Cabelinho (TFT) beat Magno Mota (Brigadeiro) by unanimous decision
Antônio Roberto (NG Combate) beat Wellington Azevedo (Honório JJ) by unanimous decision

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