Cristiano Marcello leaves the Chute Boxe team

Ground trainer of the Chute Boxe team for eight years, the black belt Christian Marcello decided to leave academia and set up his own business, CM Systems (Crstiano Marcello Systems), which will be based in Curitiba in a large 260m² space and is in the final stages of construction.

“The team will focus more on the big picture, but will also have a lot of focus on MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai. Athletes on the team will be able to train anything. The space will be its own 260m² headquarters. In this same building I have some apartments that will be used to house people who come to Camp in Curitiba and the team's athletes. My brother-in-law, who was already a businessman, is my partner in this venture, so it's all in the family. We are going to have a very good structure,” he said.

With Cristiano, some of his students left Chute Boxe, such as Ocimar Costa, Mário Soldado, Fernando Lageano, Gustavo Dantas and Márcio Gracinha.


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