Jorge Patino Macaco wins in the USA

The five Brazilians who represented the country at KAPMMA, an event that shook New Jersey this Saturday (February 7), emerged winners. Jorge Patino “Macaco”, Flávio Álvaro, Marcus “Babuíno”, Valter Roberto and Plínio Cruz, all from the Gold Team, performed well and beat their opponents.

Without fighting since 2007, Jorge Patino returned to the ring with victory in the main fight of the event, against Brandon Olsen. After three disputed rounds, the São Paulo native obtained a unanimous decision from the referees.

“It’s great to come back with a win, I’m back. I would like to thank God, above all, and for all the support that Memorial de Santos gave to me and my athletes. The success was XNUMX%”, said Macaco.


The one who had a great presentation was Flávio Álvaro. Facing William Hill, the fighter scored a beautiful knockout. By unanimous decision, Marcos Babuíno won against Anthony Monpanaro. Valter Roberto and Plínio Cruz confirmed two more national victories against Lamont Lister and Jay Silva, respectively, and guaranteed the party for the Gold Team.

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