ADCC Brasil selection stage defines finalists

With a show of great fights, the first phase of the ADCC Brazil qualifiers excited the public present at the Botafogo gymnasium, in Rio de Janeiro. With more than 12 hours of fights in the four areas set up in the space, great duels sent the Rio public into a frenzy and defined the finalists of the dispute. Check out the classifieds for the second day of the selection, which will define the South American representatives at the international ADCC, which takes place in May, in New York City, in the United States.

Up to 66kg:
Orley de Oliveira
Rafael Mendes
Bruno Frazzato
Raoni barcelos

Up to 77kg:
Murilo Santana
Rodrigo Damm
Rafael dos Anjos


Up to 88kg:
Rudolph Vieira
André Galvao
Bruno Bastos
Roberto “Tussa” Alencar

Up to 99kg:
Leonardo “Chocolate” Nascimento
Leo Leite
Renato Ferrera
Glover Teixeira


Antoine Jaoude
Joaquim “Mamute” Ferreira
Luis Felipe “Big Mac”
Marcelo mendes

Female up to 60kg:
Luanna Alzuguir
Michele Tavares
Bianca andrade
Michelle Nicolini


Female +60kg:
Amanda Lourenço
Talita Andrea
Caroline De Lazzer
Rosângela Conceição


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