Badr Hari steps away from competition

Badr hari

After being involved in yet another controversy this weekend, when he attacked an opponent on the ground, Moroccan Badr Hari announced that he will step away from competitions indefinitely. The fighter, who is one of the highlights of K-1, released a letter in which he apologized for the incidents that occurred on It’s Showtime in his fight against Hesdy Gerges.



“During the fight against Hesdy Gerges on It’s Showtime, I made the same mistake for the second time in my career. Because of that, I lost the fight I wanted to win and disappointed not only myself, but the public”, said Hari, who continued



“I have been thinking about my decisions and have concluded that it is best for me to step away for an indefinite period of time. I want to take this time to reflect and put myself on the right path. There was no need for any punishment, this is my decision”, analyzes the fighter who apologizes to his opponent.



“I would like to apologize to the audience at the event and to Hesdy Gerges”, he concludes.


Before the incident on It’s Showtime, Badr Hari had already attacked another opponent in a similar situation in 2008. In the final of the K-1 World GP when he attacked Dutchman Remy Bonjasky



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