Tibau knocks out Caol Uno at UFN-21

Gleison Tibau

Bad night for Brazilians at UFC Fight Night 21, an event that ended recently in Charlotte, in the United States. Of the five Tupiniquin athletes in action, only Gleison Tibau managed to impose his game against Caol Uno and come away with the victory. In the main fight of the night, Japanese star Takanori Gomi ended up submitted by Kenny Florian  with a rear naked choke in the third round.



Ronys loses the second in a row

around Ronys Torres The UFC Octagon was not what the Nova União athlete expected. Overcome in his debut by the judges, the Brazilian saw the result repeat itself tonight. Against Jacob Volkmann, Ronys started the fight well by taking the fight to the ground and trying to work on his jiu-jitsu. In the second round the story changed, as it was the American's turn to take the fight to the ground and put the Brazilian in danger. In the last round, Volkmann repeated the same and once again took the fight to the ground and tried to use his elbows, while Ronys tried to attack from guard, but without success. In the end, two judges scored 30×27 for Volkmann, while another scored 29×28 for Ronys.



Gleison Tibau vs. Caol Uno


Responsible for the only Brazilian victory in the event, Gleison Tibau did well against Caol Uno. Using his greater speed and physical strength, the Brazilian boxed well against the Japanese athlete. Four minutes into the fight, in a quick counterattack, Tibau landed a strong right swing, knocking Uno down. From then on, the Brazilian finished the punishment with ground and pound until the referee stopped the fight.


Mario Miranda, Lucio Linhares and Rafaeelo “Trator” lose


If Tibau did well in the event, the other Brazilians were not as lucky. The first Brazilian to step into the octagon, Mario Miranda was unable to get past Gerald Harris, the Tupiniquim athlete even started the fight well, getting a knockdown, but ended up suffering a tit-for-tat response and being punished until the referee stopped him in the first round. Lucio Linhares also failed to win. Facing the Japanese Yushin Okami, the Brazilian attempted a takedown, but the Japanese athlete defended himself well with a knee, which opened a large cut on the Alliance athlete. From then on, Okami punished the black belt in his guard until medical interruption, due to the depth of the cut suffered by the Brazilian, ended the fight. In the last fight involving Brazilians, Rafaello “Trator” ended up being overcome by the tough Englishman André Winner, the Brazilian had good moments in the fight, but ended up being overcome by his opponent, who won the unanimous decision of the judges.


Florian submits in Gomi's debut

Takanori Gomi's UFC debut was not what Japanese fans expected. Visibly feeling the lack of rhythm, Gomi was easy prey for Kenny Florian, who dominated the first two rounds in striking and in the last round the American managed to take the fight to the ground from where he worked his jiu-jitsu well, quickly reaching mount, from where he went to the back and ended the duel with a kill lion. Check out the other results:


Main card:

- Kenny Florian submitted Takanori Gomi with a rear naked choke in R3;

- Roy Nelson derrotou Stefan struve by technical knockout in R1;

– Jorge Rivera defeated Nate Quarry by technical knockout in R2;

– Ross Pearson defeated Dennis Siver by unanimous decision of the judges;


 Preliminary card:

– Andre Winner defeated Rafaello “Trator” Oliveira in a unanimous decision by the judges;

– Jacob Volkmann defeated Ronys Torres in the judges' split decision;

- Nik lentz defeated Rob Emerson via unanimous decision;

– Gleison Tibau defeated Caol Uno by technical knockout in R1;

- Yushin Okami defeated Lúcio Linhares by technical knockout in R2;

– Gerald Harris defeated Mário Miranda by technical knockout in R1;

– Charlie Brenneman defeated Jason High via unanimous decision by the judges.




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