Thiago Pitbull: “It’s another battle I’m going through”

The fans of Thiago Pitbull They were scared last Thursday when the fighter's exams were not approved by the New Jersey Athletic Commission due to arterial damage in his brain. The Brazilian ended up being left out of UFC-111, but explained to the website SUPER FIGHTS what the procedures will be from now on.



“The doctor said that I really have something wrong with my brain, but he doesn't know what it is... So I'm going to undergo microsurgery on Wednesday and they'll do an analysis, if there's anything wrong they'll fix it. '…”, stated the fighter exclusively for the website SUPER FIGHTS, through his physical trainer, Stefane Dias. “I’ll be back training in 15 days”, added the athlete, referring to the recovery time



Thiago also took the opportunity to leave a message to Brazilian fans and state that he is confident in returning to combat soon.



“For people who like me, it's another battle I'm going through, but I'm going to win and I'll be back training soon, within two months at the most I want to be back in the octagon representing Brazil”, concluded Pitbull.


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