UFC-111: Toquinho and Cachorrão submit on St. Pierre and Carwin's night

With shows Georges St Pierre e Shane carwin, UFC-111 recently ended in Newark, United States. Facing Englishman Dan Hardy, GSP took no notice of his opponent and successfully defended the UFC welterweight belt. Already Shane carwin showed that in addition to being explosive, he knows how to fight with strategy and knocked out the former champion Frank mir to become interim heavyweight champion. Among the Brazilians in action on the show, Rousimar Toquinho and Ricardo Cachorrão submitted their opponents, Tomasz Drwal and Matt Brown, respectively, however, Fabricio Camões ended up overcoming by Kurt Pelegrino, also via submission.


Rousimar Toquinho vs. Tomasz Drwal


First Brazilian to climb into the octagon, Rousimar Toquinho achieved his third victory in the UFC. The Polish Tomasz Drwal, right at the beginning of the fight, tried a front kick against the Brazilian, but ended up slipping and Toquinho was quick on the trigger, securing an ankle lock and forcing the withdrawal in just 45 seconds.



Ricardo Cachorrão vs. Matt Brown.

After Toquinho's submission, Ricardo Cachorrão didn't let it go. Facing the tough Matt Brown, the Tupiniquim black belt looked for ground work from the beginning of the fight. With a very clinched first round, Cachorrão got the takedown in the second round and quickly got to his back and submitted the American with a rear naked choke.



Fabrício Morango vs. Kurt Pelegrino

Right at the beginning of the fight, Morango attacked Pelegrino, trying to take the fight to the ground. After the clinch, the Brazilian managed a beautiful judo takedown and reached the American's back, from where he tried to land a rear naked choke. To try to defend himself, Kurt threw himself to the ground and the Brazilian ended up falling head first into the octagon. From then on, Pelegrino dominated the entire initial assault, punishing the Brazilian in his guard. At the beginning of the second round, Fabrício was already tired, telegraphing leg entries, and was quickly taken to the ground. After reaching the Brazilian's back, Kurt applied a choke, forcing the Brazilian to give up the fight.



Shane carwin vs. Frank mir

Known for his explosiveness, Shane carwin changed the strategy in front of Mir. The fighter tried to fight in the clinch, where he tried to take down Frank, who defended the takedown well. During the clinch, Carwin fired a sequence of uppers that took Mir to the ground. The referee let the fight continue and the massacre was even greater


Georges St Pierre vs. Dan Hardy

Defending the welterweight belt for the fifth time, GSP proved why he is considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. During the five rounds of the confrontation against Dan Hardy, GSP didn't care about striking and always took the fight to the ground with his efficient takedowns. The Canadian used ground and pound well and put the Englishman in danger during two submission attempts, but showing a lot of determination, Hardy managed to defend himself and ended the duel without being submitted. In the end, GSP wins easily by 50-45, 50-44 and 50-43 and keeps the belt. Check out the full results:


Main Card

Georges St Pierre defeated Dan Hardy via unanimous decision;

Shane carwin derrotou Frank mir by knockout in R1;

Kurt Pellegrino submitted Fabricio Camoes with a rear naked choke in R2;

Jon Fitch defeated Ben Saunders via unanimous decision;

Jim Miller defeated Mark Bocek via unanimous decision;


Preliminary Card

Nate diaz defeated Rory Markham via TKO in R1;

Ricardo “Cachorrão” Almeida submitted Matt Brown with a rear naked choke in R2;

Rousimar Palhares submitted Tomasz Drwal with a heel hook in R1;

Jared Hamman defeated Rodney Wallace via unanimous decision;

Matt Riddle defeated Greg Soto by disqualification for an illegal kick in R3


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