Paulão and Shogun face each other in Florianópolis

The beasts Mauricio Shogun e Paul Philo will face each other in Florianópolis. Calm down, but the confrontation that was expected by many at the time of Pride will take place in the Top Challenge, with the athletes leading teams in a duel between the WFC and Dukeoon events.



“It’s already closed! Paulão leads the WFC team and Shogun the Dukeoon team”, said WFC president Fred Fontes, exclusively for the website SUPER FIGHTS. “We already have some names like: Chatuba, Chatubinha, Daniel Acácio, Falcão, Batman and Mongo”, he says.



The Top Challenge takes place on April 3rd in the capital of Santa Catarina.



You can follow the full interview with Fred Fontes on SUPER FIGHTS in this Monday.

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