Frank Mir interested in fight against Anderson and Minota

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank mir should face Frenchman Cheick Congo at UFC-107. However, despite the fight being practically agreed, the fighter does not rule out the possibility of having a super fight against Anderson Silva, current Ultimate middleweight champion.

“I am extremely interested in this fight (against Anderson Silva)", he said. “I learned that size helps people win and it would be good to be on the other end of this game,” said the black belt, referring to his defeat to the giant Brock Lesnar.


If the fight against Anderson does not happen, Mir did not rule out the possibility of granting the rematch to Rodrigo Minotauro, fighter he defeated at UFC-92

“I think (Minotauro) Nogueira wants to fight me more than I want to fight him,” said Mir. “I really feel like I don't need to face him again, but if this fight happens, I'll be happy to show Nogueira the punch that Couture didn't have,” said Mir.



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