Illustrious presences at the Mineirinho Circuit

This Saturday, at Club Municipal, in Tijuca (RJ), the first stage of the Rio Mineirinho Jiu-Jitsu Circuit takes place. The event will feature the participation of more than 700 athletes and the president of FJJD-Rio, Rogério Gavazza, calls on the public to fill the stands. “We will have illustrious and important presences at the event, which will greatly help in the growth of jiu-jitsu. The Municipal Secretary of Sports Chiquinho da Mangueira, undersecretary Bruno Castro and the organizer of the Intercollegiate Games, Globo Roberto Garófalo, will be at the event. I want to see the stands full so they can see the power of jiu-jitsu and support our sport even more,” he said.

Furthermore, FJJD-Rio will honor the great master Helio Gracie, who recently passed away. “We will present a certificate to master João Alberto Barreto in honor of the services provided by master Helio. Barreto will deliver the tribute to the Gracie family,” he said. Disputes start at 9am. The keys are available on the entity's website ( Check out the event schedule below:



Mirim – All Ranges – All Weights – Men. and Women.



Children – All Ranges – All Weights – Men. and Women.



Children and Youth – All Ranges – All Weights – Men. and Women.


Black Belt – All Weights – Except Absolute – Except Adult Finals.



Official opening of the Event


Brown Belts – All Weights – Except Absolute


Absolute Black Belt Registration – Adult and Master


Start of Absolute Black Belt

Purple Belt – All Weights – Less Absolute


Adult Black Belt Finals – Categories and Abs.

Blue Belt – All Weights – Less Absolute


Absolute Brown and Purple Belt Registration – Men. and Fem. – Adult and Master


Start of Absolutes Brown and Black Belt – Men. and Women.

Youth – All Weights – All Ranges – Men. and Women.


Absolute Blue Belt Registration – Men. and Fem. – Adult and Master.


Start of Absolutes Blue Belt – Men. and Women.

White Belt – All Weights – Men. and Women.

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