Badr Hari off the card at K-1 Yokohama

Hari irritates FEG leaders

FEG president, Sadaharu Tanigawa, announced Badr Hari's withdrawal from the next K-1 World GP, in Yokohama, scheduled for March 28th. The Moroccan, who would face Errol Zimmerman, is not injured or ill, he just claimed to be in poor physical shape, which greatly irritated the manager. The man chosen to replace Hari was the Dutchman Peter Aerts, three-time champion of the tournament.

Another casualty on the card was the withdrawal of Russian Ruslan Karaev, due to an injury. Dutchman Tyrone Spong will replace him in the tournament. Stay tuned to the website SUPER FIGHTS to have all the information about the K-1 World GP.



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