CBJJE seeks to internationalize the World Cup

In an attempt to internationalize the competition once and for all, the Brazilian Confederation of Sports Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJE) is getting in touch with teams from all over the world for the entity's World Championship. The event will take place at the Mauro Pinheiro gym (Ibirapuera), in São Paulo, from July 17th, but preparations have already begun. In 2008, the World Cup already featured international athletes, but this year the presence should be even greater. To this end, master Flávio Behring, one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Europe and who has effectively participated in the CBJJE World Championships, is an international advisor on the direction and growth of the sport abroad.

“I will be leaving for another international endeavor. I will visit five countries and 26 cities in 70 days. There will be courses, workshops and seminars to expand knowledge of true and complete Jiu-Jitsu. I am sure that the development and expansion of CBJJE internationally will be leveraged”, said Flavio.

“I am very grateful to master Flavio Behring for supporting us from the beginning. At this World Cup there will be tributes, and one will be special to him, for having received the ninth degree”, said Moises Muradi, president of the CBJJE.


Below is a list of Behring teams from around the world that should be present at the World Cup:

Master Ricardo Murgel (USA)
Patrick Chaput (Belgium)
Luis Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Lidio Di Soriano (Puerto Rico)
Christian Derval (France)
Patrick Bittan (France)
Christiphe Tetard (France)
Ido Pariente (Israel)
Robert Handley (USA)


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