Lyoto Machida confirmed in UFC-98 title fight

Now it's official! After much speculation in recent days, the karateka Lyoto Machida will be the challenger for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC-98. The Brazilian will face the current champion Rashad evans, May 23, in Las Vegas. Machida will replace Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who due to health problems will not be able to prepare adequately for combat. Confirmation was made through the Dana White organization's own gift.

"Rampage deserved it (fighting for the title), but Evans vs. Machida is an incredible main event. Many complained to me that Lyoto had to be given the right to fight for the title before (than Rampage). It will be a very good fight and Rampage he can worry about getting back in shape”, said the top hat to the Yahoo Sports website.

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