Anderson Bradock highlighted in the world rankings

Living in the Netherlands since last year, where he trains with the Chacuriki team, Brazilian heavyweight Anderson Bradock has his work recognized in big organizations. He appears for the first time in the WIPU heavyweight rankings, which rank the best striking fighters in the world. The leader of the ranking is three-time K-1 World GP champion Semmy Schilt. check out

1 Semmy Schilt (Netherlands)
2 Peter Aerts (Netherlands)
3 Jerome Lebanner (France)
4 Alistar Overeem (Netherlands)
5 Alexei Ignashov (Belarus)
6 Alexandre Pitchkounov (Russia)
7 Mighty Mo (USA)
8 Bjom Bregy (Switzerland)
9 Konstantins Gluhovs (Latvia)
10 Patrick Barry (USA)
11 Peter Graham (Australia)
12 Mark Hunt (Holland)
13 Paul Mataele (New Zealand)
14 Jan Nortje (RSA)
15 Rick Cheek (USA)
16 Garry Goodridge (Trinidad & Tobago)
17 Brecht Wallis (Belgium)
18 Marcin Rozalski (Poland)
19 Patrice Quarteron (France)
20 Anderson Bradock Silva (Brazil)


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