Marquardt: “GSP is better pound for pound than Anderson”

Considered as one of the best middleweight fighters in Ultimate, Nate Marquardt shot against the Brazilian Anderson Silva, who already defeated him at UFC-73, held in 2007. For the American, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is not the Brazilian, but the Canadian Georges St Pierre.

“You look at Anderson Silva and sees holes in his game. People can point out flaws in your game. But no one can point to a flaw in Georges' game. (Anderson Silva) He's a great finisher (of fights), even so he has holes in his game, GSP doesn't", said Nate, who despite the criticism values ​​Spider's power

“Even so, he is able to get out of trouble, and at any moment, knock out his opponent. That’s what makes him a great fighter”, concluded the American



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