K-1 announces punishments for Badr Hari

Badr Hari is restrained by the referee after hitting Remy on the ground

According to a report from the American website Fight Opinion, the president of the FEG, Sadaharu Taniagawa and the technical director Nobuaki Kakuda, announced the punishments for the Moroccan Badr Hari, following the confusion caused in the finals of the K-1 World GP, against the Dutchman Remy Bonjasky, on December 6, at Yokohama Arena. On that occasion, Hari hit his opponent on the ground with a few punches and a stomp, which is not allowed under K-1 striking rules.

The punishments include the loss of the entire fight purse and the prize for second place in the GP, in addition to the removal of the K-1 heavyweight title.


Also according to the website, due to the problem that occurred with the Moroccan athlete, a new rule may be implemented next year in K-1, which would suspend defeated athletes due to disqualification.


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