Super Fights turns 1 year old

Dear visitors to the Super Lutas website;

It is with great pleasure that on this date, November 4, 2008, I inform all Internet users that the site completes 1 year of life. I confess that they were difficult days, because the SUPER FIGHTS it has been an intense part of my life over the last 12 months. There were many, many hours dedicated to this project, many late nights, hundreds of updates, close to two thousand informative articles, as well as a lot of patience and understanding from my girlfriend.

It all started in mid-2007, in a chat in an Orkut community, several colleagues had the brilliant idea of ​​putting together a ranking of the 100 biggest names in the history of world MMA, using rules that we were sure were the fairest of all time. . It's true, the ranking never left the first analyses, but the SUPER FIGHTS managed to leave the dream and get to where it is, gaining more than 210 thousand visitors in this period, more than 4 thousand registered users, more than 1400 members in our Forum. Therefore, I would like to take advantage of this space to thank: Lucas, Diogo, Horacio, Keanu….You helped make this project real, which becomes stronger every day


I confess that I often thought about giving up, about stopping and dedicating myself to my girlfriend who couldn't stand watching me watch fights, doing broadcasts, analyzing each fight and writing articles, and worse, when the event ended I ran after videos, interviews and the chat on the Forum…All this, without receiving ANYTHING, simply in exchange for the pleasure of trying to popularize this sport that I love so much!!!

In these 12 months, I have met renowned names in the industry, great fighters, businessmen, promoters, who also prove to be great people, but it was in our forum that I made great friends and people who also give blood for the Super Fights….Vinaum, Alê, Thiago, Jonh….MANY THANKS TO YOU!!!


That's why, on November 4th, I asked myself….Would I do it all again??? The answer came immediately: I would do anything and MUCH BETTER

On this day, it’s not Super Lutas’ birthday, it’s not mine… It belongs to more than 200 thousand people who visit our website…


I just have to thank you all!!!! Thank you very much!!

Eduardo Oliveira



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