Cormier is pessimistic about McGregor's presence at UFC 300 and points to 'forbidden fight' to headline the event

Commentator suggests that the choice be defined based on the rivalry and history between the fighters who will be called up

Daniel Cormier is one of the UFC's main commentators. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Daniel Cormier is one of the UFC's main commentators. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Keeping an eye on the assembly of the UFC 300, Daniel Cormier is pessimistic about the rumors that indicate a possible call for Conor McGregor to star in the event. Despite the Irishman's speech indicating that he would be part of the show, the commentator disbelieves that the former double champion will be present on April 13th.

“I have some ideas in mind about what I think or hope the main fight of the UFC 300. I don't know if it will happen, but I believe it won't be (Conor) McGregor. What am I going to say about the UFC 300, a big fight is missing. This great fight that is missing must have an ancient history. This big fight has to have rivalry. This great fight has to draw attention”, declared Cormier in a program held by ESPN.


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Despite being after a main fight, Daniel pointed to a 'forbidden' fight to headline the highly anticipated event.

“So it can’t be Belal Muhammad | e Leon edwards. There simply isn't enough. While it’s a fantastic fight, there’s not enough of it to be the main event,” she concluded.

Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad face each other at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ufc

Leon edwards e Belal Muhammad | facing the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ufc

With 11 fights confirmed for the event, only the main clash remains to be defined. According to Dana White, there are several options on the table and the only thing left to do is define the one that best suits the role. UFC 300. The expectation is that the president will announce the last duel this week.


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