Referee Steve Mazzagatti is barred from UFC-116

Steve Mazzagatti

Done reasonably frequently in football, the veto against judges reached MMA. So much so that Steve Mazzagatti was scheduled to referee the duel between Brock Lesnar e Shane carwin at UFC-116, but ended up being blocked.



After Lesnar's team complained, the UFC requested a change of judge from the Athletic Commission, which complied with the request and selected Josh Rosenthal to mediate the fight valid for the unification of the Ultimate heavyweight title.



“We believe that the other options that the Athletic Commission offers could play a better role. Mr. Mazzagatti, I think everyone knows, has been publicly criticized by (Dana) White multiple times based on his concern for the health and safety of fighters,” said Michael Mersch, vice president of business affairs for the Nevada Athletic Commission. .


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