UFC-109 prize pool opens with new features

O SUPER FIGHTS inaugurates the new format of its Bolão at UFC-109. Now internet users can create leagues to play with their friends, access the panel to change their registration data and have new ways to score in fantasy. Check out how points will be distributed from UFC-109 onwards


-Hit the winner of the fight: 3 (three) points


-Agree the winner and the form of victory (knockout, submission or judges' decision): 5 (five) points

– Correct the winner, form and round: 8 (eight) points



– Hit the knockout of the night: 10 (ten) points

– Get the best fight of the night: 10 (ten) points

– Get the best shot of the night: 10 (ten) points


The prize remains the same. For the winner of each event, a Vulkan kit with shirt, shorts and Gi-bag.


So don't waste time, make your predictions for the prize pool at UFC-109. The event takes place on February 6th, in Las Vegas, in the United States.


To participate, simply register on our website. If you are not registered, REGISTER NOW! . Then just access the link http://superlutas.com.br/bolao.php and give your guesses


 Check out the Bolão ranking so far: http://www.superlutas.com.br/ranking.php


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