After beating Thiago, Rashad can face Rampage

Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad evans

after winning Thiago Silva, Rashad evans may face an old rival. UFC president Dana White informed after UFC-108 that he intends to marry the fight between Rashad and Quinton jackson, a duel initially scheduled to take place in May last year, but an injury to Rampage, followed by the filming of the film “Class A Squadron”, starring Jackson, prevented the fight from taking place.



 “Fighting him would be a great opportunity. Having the chance to go back there and win was really important tonight. It's always good to fight for the belt, but if necessary I'll do one more fight. So when I get the title shot, no one is going to beat me,” said Evans.



According to Dana White's interview, the duel should take place at UFC-113, an event that will take place on May 1st, in Montreal, Canada and will have as its main fight the fight for the category's belt between Brazilians Lyoto Machida e Mauricio Shogun.

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