NFC in solidarity with Devil Sam

The next edition of NFC Brasil will also bring a solidarity side. The event organizers announced that all proceeds from the event will be donated to the treatment of fighter Francisco das Chagas, Devil Sam, an athlete who fractured his tibia and fibula in the Jungle Fight, last October 17th.

“We will only cover the costs of the event, and everything we spend we will donate to Devil Sam,” Gorka Sachez, event organizer, told the website SUPER FIGHTS.

“We are not going to make a single penny, so it is very important that people buy tickets or donate to his family. Francisco das Chagas needs to have surgery to put a plate in Canela and needs to continue his treatment, so he really needs these donations”, explained the prosecutor.


The NFC will take place on November 12th, at the Sports Palace in the city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.

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