Diego Lopes rules out a rematch against Movsar Evloev and provokes Russian: 'I deserve something better'

Diego Lopes stated that plans for his next fight do not involve a possible rematch against the only tormentor in the UFC

Diego Lopes Movsar Evloev

M. Evloev (left) defeated Diego lopes (dir) in 2023. Photo: Reproduction/X

Accumulating victories and becoming one of the most popular athletes in the featherweight division (up to 65,7 kg), Diego lopes has some plans for the immediate future. They all involve a fight at UFC 306, at the 'Esfera', in Las Vegas, but none of them involve a rematch against Movsar Evloev, responsible for his only defeat in Ultimate, suffered precisely on his debut, just over a year ago.

In an interview with 'MMA Junkie', Diego lopes spoke about the subject and revealed that he had advanced negotiations to face a member of the top 5 featherweight division.


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“I think at this point what I can tell you is that basically we have a fight against a top 5 guaranteed. At the moment, facing him (Evloev) is not in my plans. If it happens to be the last option, ok, we'll take it, no problem. But from what we discussed with my team and the UFC, we are looking for a completely different fight,” said the Brazilian.

Diego lopes e Movsar Evloev they faced each other in May 2023. At the time, the Brazilian accepted the fight at the last minute, gave a tight fight against the Russian, but ended up defeated by unanimous decision from the judges. Just over a year later, with four consecutive victories under his belt, Diego believes that the Russian is trying to take advantage of his good moment.


“Now he says he wants to give me a rematch in the 'Esfera' and everything. Now he wants it. It took him three months to respond to me when I was challenging him to fight exactly on the International Fight Week card. Now that he knows I'm in a good position, he wants to take advantage of my moment to challenge me and say he grants the rematch. We have completely different plans and a rematch with him is not part of it. I think with everything I’ve done, I deserve someone greater than a rematch with Movsar,” he said.

The denial of Diego lopes for a rematch against Movsar Evloev It is not, however, definitive. The Brazilian claims that their paths will eventually cross at some other time.


“We will definitely meet again in the future, but for now he should remain hidden in the mountains like he has for the past three months.”

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