Poatan's rival in kickboxing, Vakhitov responds to the Brazilian and reaffirms his desire for a trilogy in the UFC

Vakhitov questioned the judges' scores in his defeat to Poatan at Glory and started campaigning for a tiebreaker in the UFC

Artem Varikhov Alex Poatan Facebook GLORY

Artem Varikhov and Alex Poatán in a duel at GLORY (Photo: Facebook)

Apparently, the rivalry between Alex Poatán and Artem Vakhitov, dormant after the Brazilian's transition from kickboxing to MMA, is back to stay. After reappearing with provocation and be answered by Brazilian, the Russian made the rejoinder, reaffirming his desire to break the tie with his rival inside the UFC Octagon.

“It's been great to watch your success and I wish you even more success in the future, but I'm sure you can understand that it's strange for me to always be reading about the 'best striker on the planet' when, in my opinion, I beat that person twice. I would like to resolve this issue in the UFC octagon”, replied Vakhitov in a new interview with 'MMA Fighting'.


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One of the points raised by Poatan in his response to Vakhitov was the judges' alleged favoritism towards the Russian in the second fight between the two, in 2021, which marked the Brazilian's farewell to GLORY and professional kickboxing. Vakhitov, however, completely disagrees with the UFC light heavyweight champion's claims.

“No one gave me any victory, comrade. In my opinion I'm 2x0 against you. If anyone can say anything about victories given, please go back and watch our first fight at GLORY and please try to explain to me what the judges were thinking, because I clearly won that fight. I'm not lost or confused, brother. I know my path and you are on it. I have been guided since day one by my manager Andrej Busygin and he has been with me every step of the way as we begin the next journey. Until we meet again…”, he concluded.

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