Imavov doesn't spare Cannonier and wins by knockout in controversial interruption at UFC Louisville

Promising middleweight, athlete imposes himself against the North American and achieves technical knockout in the fourth round of the confrontation

Nassourdine Imavov in victory over Jared Cannonier. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

UFC Lousville protagonists, Jared Cannonier e Nassourdine Imavov The battle was carried out most of the time standing up. Willing to give their all to achieve a crucial victory in the middleweight division (up to 83,9 kg), the fighters faced each other until the fourth round, when the Russian-French managed to apply a devastating sequence of blows, which ended up forcing the referee to have controversial action in ending the confrontation with an American apparently still 'alive' in the main fight of the night.

Fourth placed in the category ranking, Cannonier wasted the opportunity to take another step towards his second attempt at the title. At 40 years old, the fighter had two consecutive victories and was seen as a slight underdog for the confrontation. This was the third knockout suffered in the American's career.


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Promise of Ultimate, Imavov expects to steal a crucial position occupied by the new victim. Seventh place in the division, the fighter achieved his second consecutive victory and tenth victory via the fast track. Imavov is currently 28 years old and is viewed favorably by many fans as a future candidate for the middleweight throne.

Nassourdine Imavov dominates actions and stops Jared Cannonier's momentum

In the center of the octagon, Cannonier didn't want to keep studying from a distance and started putting tough hands on Imavov. Despite the North American's strength, the Russian endured well and remained on his feet in the fight. In order to surprise his rival, Jared took the fight to the fence, applied a providential takedown and tried to take his opponent's back, who defended himself very well and got back to his feet. With an advantage in size, Nassourdine bet on knees and long blows, but swallowed powerful punches from the former title challenger, who was successful in closing the distance. In the final seconds, Jared bet on the grid again to reduce his rival's momentum.


Towards another five minutes of fight, Jared started betting on a low kick and moving forward again. With the support of the local fans, the veteran threw powerful punches, but was unable to connect with force. After Imavov lost his balance and somersaulted on the ground, Cannonier took advantage of the moment and took the fight to the fence, where he dominated his opponent and left him with no answers to the pressure imposed. After managing to free himself, Nassourdine landed hard punches on his opponent, but had no hesitation in shaking him down.

In the third round, Cannonier was once again successful with boxing strikes, but Imavov did not allow himself to be dominated by the American. Looking to surprise with strategy, the Russian took the initiative this time and used grappling to take down his opponent. Despite his attempt, the athlete was unable to dominate for long and the fight resumed in an exchange of blows in the center of the octagon. In the final two minutes of the fight, Jared once again resorted to using the cage to wear down his rival.


More worn out, the fighters listened to instructions from the coaches and returned for the next five minutes of fighting. At 40 years old, Cannonier still had enough energy to try to surprise with a spinning elbow. After becoming the victim of hard blows and trying to resist in any way possible, the North American saw victory slip away after the referee interrupted the confrontation in order to protect the athlete's integrity.

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