Chael Sonnen surprises and justifies rivalry with Anderson Silva: 'I'm afraid of him'

The North American justified his provocations towards the Brazilian as a way of dealing with his fear of his former rival

Rivalry between Anderson (left) and Sonnen (right) is a thing of the past (Photo: Disclosure/UFC)


After years of rivalry in MMA, Chael Sonnen finally let his 'mask' fall. In preparation for the duel with the 'Spider' in boxing, scheduled for June 15th, the North American surprised by saying that all the provocations made to the Brazilian previously were nothing more than a strategy to deal with fear.


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“You say Anderson makes me a better fighter, but understand why: because I'm afraid of him. That's why. If I wasn't afraid of him, I wouldn't work so hard. If I wasn't afraid of him, I wouldn't look for these great coaches. I wouldn't worry about my sleep, how much food I put in my body, what my rest days are... My whole life revolved around this goal. So yes, he made me better, but because I admired him. This is the part of the story that I always hide, that I don't want people to know,” Sonnen surprisingly said.

In the UFC, Anderson Silva e Chael Sonnen They faced each other twice, in 2010 and 2012. In the first confrontation, the North American shocked the world by dominating the fight for five rounds, however, he was submitted by 'Spider' in the fifth round. In the long-awaited rematch, the Brazilian gave no chance to bad luck and quickly knocked out his rival in the second round.


The unexpected trilogy between the two rivals will take place on June 15th, in a boxing duel. The two fighters will be the protagonists of 'Spaten Fight Night', an event that will be held in São Paulo.

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