Top UFC commentator suggests major rule change in favor of grappling

In conversation with Royce Gracie, Joe Rogan suggested that fights restart on the ground in case of falls in the previous round


J. Rogan is the UFC's main commentator. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @joerogan

With different parameters depending on the location of the fights, MMA rules are not exactly transparent or easy to understand, especially in relation to the scores applied by the side judges. The UFC's main commentator, Joe Rogan, suggested a substantial change in the unified rules, citing a disadvantage for grappling practitioners.

In a recent edition of the 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, which had the legend as a guest Royce gracie, the commentator suggested that, if a round ends with the fighters on the ground, the next round should also begin on the ground.


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“The rules are made much more for strikers and wrestlers. If you're a jiu-jitsu guy, you're in the first round and you get a takedown in 4:30, you only have 30 seconds to work. Even with the division by rounds, the fight is the fight. I think you should never lift fighters. Once a guy takes you down, the fight is on the ground. If it's boring to the audience, I'm sorry. If you're down, get up. If you don't make it, I'm sorry. If the round ends and another one starts, I think they should start in the same place. The position you are in at the end of the first round, you should be in at the beginning of the second”, he said.

Rogan's guest, Royce gracie also suggested an important change to MMA rules: ending the round division and making fights only have one 15-minute round.


“I’m in favor of doing a straight round. Fighting without a time limit doesn't make for good TV. A 15-minute round, that's it. A straight 15-minute round”, he concluded.

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