Exclusive! Borrachinha's businesswoman denies Strickland and confirms Brazilian at UFC 302: 'Ticket purchased'

Tamara Alves, the Brazilian's agent, guarantees that both parties signed a contract for the fight that will take place on June 1st

Amidst the turmoil surrounding the struggle between Paulo borrachinha e Sean Strickland No. UFC 302, the Brazilian's businesswoman, Tamara Alves, in exclusive contact with the SUPER FIGHTS, denied the accusations that his athlete had not signed the contract for the confrontation.

According to her, the information disclosed by Strickland would be 'fake news' and Borrachinha already has tickets purchased to travel to the United States for the duel taking place in Newark, on June 1st.


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Anderson Silva in boxing victory. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“The contract has already been signed. We received the contract yesterday or the day before yesterday, but it has already been signed”, declared the athlete’s manager.

Aware that Borrachinha is constantly the target of questions about his presence in clashes, Tamara highlighted his point of view on the situation.


“I believe that each case is different. There were several different situations in Paulo's career. Different situations, different contracts. But talking about me, as a businesswoman, every fight I see as an opportunity to achieve something for my athlete. So each fight is a different negotiation. We negotiated differently for this fight, reached an agreement and the contract was sent. There's no secret. I can talk about this fight. Past fights had different situations”

Paulo borrachinha (dir.) in fight against Robert whittaker (left). Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Foto: Reprodução / Instagram

Currently seventh in the ranking, Paulo is scheduled to face the athlete who occupies first place. According to the businesswoman, the UFC approached the athletes to schedule the confrontation.

“The UFC actually wanted this fight. We obviously acted as we thought it would be something to get the public's will to want this fight, but the UFC was super interested in making this fight. You even said that you think Paulo is in 'a delicate moment' in the UFC. There is no such thing as a delicate moment. He is coming off a great performance against Whittaker, despite the result being a defeat, it was a great performance (…) the event also looks at what the fighter brings and Paulo is a fighter who sells and is interesting”

Scheduled for the penultimate fight of UFC 302, in a duel lasting five rounds, Borrachinha and Strickland are in a crucial position in the division. In Tamara's view, the Brazilian could be very close to a new title fight.

“I believe we have two options for the next title fights: either the winner of (Robert) Whittaker x (Khamzat) Chimaev, or the winner of Strickland x Paulo Costa. I think what will define this is the way each one finishes the fight. If we have a knockout from Paulo, a submission or an extremely exciting fight and on the other side Whittaker and Chimaev it's an extremely tepid fight. Obviously it will make much more sense for the event to place the winner of Strickland x Costa”

P. Borrachinha alongside Carlos Borracha and businesswoman Tamara Alves. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @tamara_alves

Determined to put an end to any doubts about the fight becoming official, Tamara assured that everything was already in place for the trip to Newark, the venue for UFC 302.

"All very well. We are here at the UFC Performance Institute (Las Vegas – USA), training is going on, everything is great. It's already in weight, we already have tickets, flight, hotel, everything booked. From the moment we reach an agreement on negotiations for the fight, everything is fine”

Finally, the businesswoman sent a message stating that her efforts translate into achieving better opportunities for her athletes.

“My job and the job of business owners is to always try something better for the fighters. Check the proposals, what the timing is, what the fighters' moment is, to really try to make an agreement that is truly beneficial for the athlete for each fight”, he concluded.

Paulo Borrachinha is featured at UFC 298

Paulo borrachinha performs at UFC 302. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Borrachinha x Strickland at UFC 302

Close to returning to the octagon for a crucial duel, Borrachinha is looking to get back on track to winning ways and replace himself as one of the main contenders for the middleweight title.

The Brazilian, who lost to Robert whittaker in its last presentation, it had 14 positive results and three negative results.

Strickland, in turn, is trying to recover after losing the belt to Dricus du Plessis No. UFC 297, in April this year. The American lost the middleweight throne via split decision, but has a record of 28 victories and six setbacks.

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