Did you catch it or not? Michel Pereira reveals slow motion of controversial blow at UFC 301

Athlete is uncertain whether victory against Ihor Potieria will be maintained after rival's appeal to the Athletic Commission

VIDEO New angle with Michel Pereira's cinematic death at UFC 301 is released. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@ufc

VIDEO New angle with cinematic death Michael Pereira No. UFC 301 is disclosed. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@ufc

Featured in UFC 301, Michael Pereira lives uncertainty about maintaining victory in the face of Ihor Potieria. Following an appeal by his rival to the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission, which demands a change in the result due to an alleged illegal strike, the middleweight (up to 83,9kg) released slow-motion images of the action that led to the process. The video was shared by the 'UFC da Depression' profile.

In the images (see below), it is possible to see the moment when Pereira launches the backflip. Ihor claims to have been hit squarely in the head.


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Michel Pereira helps rescue flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@michelpereiraufc

Moments after the action, Potieria managed to stand. Michel, however, managed to land a guillotine choke, which obliterated his opponent.

Winner of one of the performance bonuses, Pereira needed less than a minute to reach victory. The fighter thus maintained his unbeaten record in the category.


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