Three years ago, Do Bronx drove fans crazy and won the belt with an epic comeback in the UFC; review the victory

Brazilian made history by becoming lightweight champion against ex-Bellator in 2021

C. Do Bronx made history in UFC 262 and won the vacant lightweight title. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

On May 15, 2021, Charles of the Bronx entered UFC history as one of the company's champions. On this date, exactly three years ago, the Brazilian stepped into the octagon to face Michael chandler competing for the vacant lightweight belt (up to 70,3kg). After being close to defeat in the first round, the São Paulo native staged an epic comeback and beat his rival with a knockout in the next stage.

In the images (see below), it is possible to follow the final moments of the confrontation. With a left hook, Do Bronx takes Michael to the canvas.


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The North American immediately accuses the coup. Charles continues to strike until the referee chooses to stop the fight.

Months later, the athlete would return to the Octagon. His first title defense came against Dustin poirier.


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