Admitted to hospital, Caio Borralho opens up about fighting a severe flu: 'Isolated and in a lot of pain'

In hospital, Brazilian talks about the danger of Influenza and warns followers about the severity of the disease

Caio Borralho is a Brazilian standout in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @caioborralho

Caio Borralho He is a Brazilian standout in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @caioborralho

At the height of his career, Caio Borralho found himself facing an unexpected opponent: influenza. Hospitalized and isolated two days ago, the athlete, who occupies 12th position in the middleweight ranking (up to 83,9kg.) UFC, reported on his social networks the difficulties of dealing with the disease and took the opportunity to warn his followers about the dangers of the flu.

“Two days in hospital. Isolated with influenza. The hardest part is being away from my little one. It all started on Wednesday with pain behind my eyes, pain in my glutes and back. It then progressed to fever, lack of appetite and headache. And only then came a cough, runny nose and a little shortness of breath and vomiting,” Borralho said in his Instagram stories.


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With inhalation, Borralho confessed that he usually avoids sharing health problems online, but felt the need to alert his followers about the seriousness of influenza, which, according to him, is affecting many people.

“I don't usually post anything when I'm feeling bad, because I keep thinking that people think I want to victimize them or something like that. But, in reality, I’m just telling people to take care of themselves, because it’s catching everyone,” she said.


The fighter took the opportunity to thank the support of his fans and the medical team that accompanied him during his treatment.

“God is taking care of everything. And the hospital staff here too. Thank you everyone for the message”, he concluded.


Caio Borralho, which comes off a convincing victory over Paul Craig No. UFC 301, needs to overcome this new challenge outside the bars. Influenza, despite being a generally benign disease, can present serious complications in some cases, such as pneumonia and even death.

Caio Borralho reports hospitalization and talks about fighting a severe flu

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