VIDEO: Ian Garry pays tribute to Chute Boxe Diego Lima after preparing for UFC 298

Irishman prepares for the next fight in São Paulo and is grateful for the teachings; athlete performs this Saturday (17)

Ian Gary alongside C. Do Bronx at Chute Boxe Diego Lima. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @iangarry

After being kicked out of his old gym, Ian Machado Garry returned to Chute Boxe Lima and there he carried out all his preparation for the UFC 298. With the help of Charles of the Bronx and company, the Irishman married to a Brazilian, showed great respect and thanked him for the attention given throughout the season. The athlete faces Geoff neal on February 17th.

In the midst of the speech given at the gym in front of his training partners, Ian Gary highlighted the grandeur of having more than 60 people in a small place praying for his victory and well-being in the next fight. Excited, the fighter assured that he will soon return to Chute Boxe Diego Lima and declared that of all the places he has trained, that was the best.


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Energized by the Irishman's speech, Diego Lima's pupils celebrated the presence of Ian Gary and expressed affection and gratitude for the athlete's presence. At the end of the recording, everyone applauds and hugs the welterweight prospect (up to 77,1kg).

Ian Gary is a promise for the welterweight division. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @iangarry


Escalated to the main card of UFC 298, Ian performs this Saturday (17) and holds a crucial clash against his long-time rival Geoff neal. So far, the Irishman appears as a big favorite in the bookmakers, on the eve of the biggest challenge in his journey through Ultimate.

Watch Ian Garry's tribute to Chute Boxe Diego Lima

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