Volkanovski predicts the result of his title fight against Topuria at UFC 298: 'I'm going to embarrass him'

Featherweight champion, Volkanovski predicts victory in the second round against the Georgian in the main fight of this Saturday's event (17)

Volkanovski is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

Volkanovski is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFCBrasil

About to defend the featherweight belt (up to 65,7 kg) for the sixth time in a duel against the undefeated Ilia Topuria in the main fight of UFC 298, this Saturday (17), Alexander Volkanovsky He is not worried about his rival's constant provocations. Instead, he uses them as fuel to motivate himself for combat.

Em video published on his official YouTube channel, the champion stated that he will leave the provocations with Topuria, while focusing on giving his rival a 'lesson in humility'.


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“He (Topuria) likes to talk. So it's easy to motivate yourself to do this, right? I don't need to do anything to increase the hype for the fight. Let him talk and I'll go for a walk on the 17th. Work, give him a little humility and show the world again, remind them that he still has a long way to the top. I’ll show him that,” said the Australian.

Asked about his prediction for the outcome of the duel, Volkanovski assured that he will make Topuria 'leave in shame' and pointed to the second round as the decisive one for the fight.


“My prediction? I'll teach you a good lesson. He will leave embarrassed, he will swallow some of his words and this may be the beginning of his journey. He is young and confident. I'll give him a little humility and he'll be able to bounce back after I give him a good beating. Round two, I think. I think I'll break it on the first one. I'm not saying it's going to be an easy fight, but I think that given his confidence, he hasn't had the opportunity to prove it yet. I try it every time I step into the gym. I push myself to the limit. I don't know if he does the same. He doesn't act like he does, so I'm going to put pressure on him and I think I'm going to break him on the first one and get the stoppage shortly after that.”

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