VIDEO: UFC reveals behind-the-scenes of Volkanovski inconsolable after last loss to Makhachev

Featherweight champion claims he was not prepared for a rematch against Russian; athlete returns to the octagon this Saturday (17) against Ilia Topuria

A. Volkanovski being consoled after UFC 294. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube UFC

In the final stretch of preparation to face Ilia Topuria on February 17th, Alexander Volkanovsky he was forced to remember the last defeat in his career, where he was inconsolable. In a record published on Ultimate's YouTube channel, in the promotion video (Countdown) for UFC 298, the Australian regrets his tough defeat to the Russian and recognizes that he was not prepared for the challenge.

“I wasn’t in training camp. I wasn't training. I was just drinking every day. I took the fight. I was thinking it was the only way to end the year well. I literally drank it every day. I do not know why. I thought that was the reason when I came. My biggest purpose today is obviously my family and the fight. I wasn't preparing. I was getting lost in thought, so I had to pick up the fight. Now I feel stupid,” lamented Volkanovski.


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After Charles of the Bronx withdraw from the confrontation with 10 days to go UFC 294, Alexander Volkanovsky was called up at the last minute and agreed to have a rematch against Islam makhachev in a duel valid for the lightweight title (up to 70,3kg.). On that occasion, the Australian was knocked out in the first round and stated after the fight that he was not capable of remaining inactive for so long (justifying the reason for accepting the duel).

Islam Makhachev UFC 294 Twitter UFC 2 knockouts

Islam makhachev knocked out Alexander Volkanovsky No. UFC 294. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter UFC


Looking to return to his winning ways, Volkanovski returns to the octagon on February 17, in the main fight of the UFC 298 and defends the featherweight title (up to 65,7kg.) against Ilia Topuria in Anaheim, California.


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