Gregory Robocop has a confident performance and beats Brad Tavares by knockout at UFC Vegas 86

The Brazilian fighter supported his rival's good start, showed patience and calm in his strategy and scored a beautiful knockout in the first seconds of the second round

G. Robocop knocked out B. Tavares at UFC Vegas 86 (Photo: Instagram/@ufc)

The good phase of Gregory Robocop it returned. After a turbulent 2023 at the beginning, the Brazilian middleweight (up to 83,9kg) delivered a good performance against the veteran Brad Tavares No. UFC Las Vegas 86, which took place this Saturday (10), and knocked out his rival at the beginning of the second round. The card took place at Apex, in Las Vegas (USA).

With the knockout over Tavares, Gregory resumed two consecutive victories at Utimate, got closer to the middleweight rankings again and now boasts a record of 15 triumphs and five setbacks as a professional.


On the other hand, the veteran Brad Tavares suffers his third defeat in the last four fights and confirms Gregory's statements that 'his time has passed'. The North American now has 20 triumphs and nine setbacks as a professional MMA athlete.

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Bruna Brasil lost at UFC Las Vegas 86. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/UFC Espanol


The two fighters began exchanging blows frankly. The American landed a cross that rocked the Brazilian. After the American attempted a high kick, Gregory blocked the blow and landed a straight shot that exploded straight into his rival's face. Tavares felt the blow and stopped the confrontation in the clinch so he could breathe and return to the confrontation.


At the beginning of the second round, Gregory exchanged a few blows with his rival and quickly moved into the clinch, trying to tire Tavares' arms. Robocop threw some low kicks to keep his rival at bay. Tavares grew, started to move forward and landed good blows on the Brazilian, who responded to most of them.

Tavares tried a takedown, but Gregory did a good single leg and saved it. In the final minute, Gregory returned to using low kicks and ended up exposing himself, receiving a counterattack cross that made him wobble slightly. In the final minute, Gregory 'showed how it's done' and took Brad down, keeping his rival pinned to the ground until the bell sounded.


In the last round, Gregory put pressure on Brad from the beginning of the round, punished his rival with punches and elbows against the fence and forced the referee to stop the fight to preserve the North American's health. Win by knockout Gregory Robocop.

Dan Ige runs over Andre Fili and knocks out rival in the first round

D. Ige knocked out A. Fili at UFC Vegas 86 (Photo: Disclosure/UFC)

Adept at striking, the two fighters began the duel by exchanging blows in a studied manner, without many combinations or aggression, like a 'luxury training'. Halfway through the second round, Ige took advantage of Fili's gap and landed a powerful cross that led to his rival's immediate knockout. Beautiful victory Dan Ige.


Ultimate veteran, Dan Ige He is going through a good moment in his career and has won three of his last four fights. The North American now has a professional MMA record of 18 positive results and seven negative results.

Yes, André Fili, continues to fail to live up to the expectations placed on him at the beginning of his career. The North American has won just two of his last clashes and now has 23 triumphs and seven setbacks in mixed martial arts.

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