Jack Hermansson surprises Joe Pyfer with 'veteran' comeback and wins UFC Las Vegas 86 main fight

The Swedish veteran withstood the young prospect's initial momentum, grew in performance in the following rounds and emerged victorious in the judges' unanimous decision.


J. Hermansson beat J.Pyfer at UFC Vegas 86 (Photo: Instagram/@ufceurope)

The old lion got the better of the young lion. In the main fight of UFC Las Vegas 86, which took place this Saturday (10), the experienced Swede Jack hermansson knew how to deal with the initial storm brought by the prospect joe pyfer, remained firm in the fight and grew in performance from the third round onwards, emerging victorious in the unanimous decision of the judges. The duel was valid for the middleweight division (up to 83,9kg).


Eleventh in the rankings, Hermansson defends his position in the rankings with the triumph, wins again after almost a year and a half and now has a record of 24 triumphs and eight setbacks as an MMA professional.

On the other hand, the prospect joe pyfer sees his rise to a halt in the organization after suffering his first defeat in four fights in Ultimate and now has 12 positive results and three negative results in mixed martial arts.


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In the first few seconds, Pyfer landed a cross that gave Jack a slight shake. A few seconds later, the film repeated itself and the Swede shook again. Hermansson threatened a 'superman punch' and quickly backed down. With sharp boxing and good distance control, Pyfer was superior in combat and scared Hermansson at every turn. New cross from Joe and Hermansson swings again, going for knockdown.

The second half begins with Jack trying a high kick, which bumps into Joe's guard. The North American responded in kind with a high kick, followed by a cross that bumped into the Swede's guard. Pyfer tries to shorten it and almost lands an uppercut on his rival's chin. Working his combinations well, Pyfer cornered Hermansson on the cage and landed a good sequence of strikes.


In the third round, Pyfer started trying to corner Hermansson and almost received a counterattack on the tip of the chin. Joe tried a sequence of combinations again and Jack responded with a cross to the American's nose. Hermansson grew in the confrontation and started to scare Joe, who attempted the takedown but failed. Hermansson took advantage of his rival's approach and almost landed a knee straight to the face.

Hermansson started the fourth round using low kicks and Joe attempted a takedown, which was soon defended by the Swede. Pyfer landed a cross on Hermansson's cheese and quickly trapped his rival in the clinch, trying to stop the confrontation. Suffering from Jack's striking, Pyfer tried again to pin his rival to the fence but the Swede defended himself well. Hermansson got out of position and cornered Pyfer against the fence, landing a good sequence of punches and elbows. In the final seconds of the round, Pyfer again failed to take down his opponent.

The last part began with Hermansson showing a willingness to be more aggressive, while Pyfer seemed more tired and only defended himself when the Swede approached. With just over three minutes left in the round, Hermansson got into Pyfer's legs and took down his opponent. Quickly, the Swede established himself on top of Pyfer and started hitting the North American, who was just trying to stop the confrontation. On top in half guard, Jack punished the prospect with intense punches and elbows. After passing the guard, Hermansson continued to keep his rival pinned to the ground until the last bell sounded.


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