CBJJE World Cup with athletes from all over the world

Brazilian Confederation of Sports Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJE) continues with preparations for the entity's third World Championship, which will begin on July 17th, at the Ibirapuera complex, in São Paulo. To enter directly into the final phase of the competition you need to be pre-classified and one of the possibilities for this is to reach the top four in the South American Championship, on the 21st, in Cabo Frio (RJ).

For this year's World Cup, the CBJJE promises to bring even more athletes from other countries. “In this edition we will have a much larger number of fighters from European countries, as we will have an event in Switzerland that is being widely publicized. Furthermore, we will count on the participation of a large number of other nations in South America, which we are helping to found Federations and develop jiu-jitsu. We will have teams from Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, among others. The athletes from North America have always been present and are guaranteed”, said the president of the CBJJE, Moises Muradi.

The registration deadline for the World Cup is June 25th with a discount and July 8th without a discount. Registration for the South American Championship, an event that classifies the top four in the World Cup, ends this Tuesday (June 16), at 17pm. Both events will have accommodation for athletes. For more information, visit www.cbjje.com.br


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