Minotaur operates on his knee in the United States

The Brazilian Rodrigo Minotauro goes through yet another difficulty in his brilliant career. The black belt had knee surgery last Saturday. “Minotauro had surgery on his knee and is returning to Brazil at the weekend... He wasn't even supposed to have that fight, his knee was coming out of place all the time”, says Luiz Alves, Minota's trainer.

Expected to return to training in two weeks, Luiz reveals that the Brazilian could face the former champion of the event, Randy Couture. “Initially I would be against Randy, but I don’t know. They didn't confirm anything. Randy also operated on his elbow, but I prefer it to be done with him, it gives Minotauro more morale”, he revealed, betting on a Brazilian victory. “They want to face each other and I don't think it will be such a difficult fight for Rodrigo… It's a tough fight, but Randy doesn't have the punch to knock him out and, on the ground, Rodrigo finishes”, he concluded.

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