Bruno Frazzato: “I only fought at Deep because of ADCC”

At just 24 years old, Bruno Frazzato stood out in the 2007 ADCC tryouts in the 66kg category and stamped his passport to the biggest submission event in the world:

“It was my first international trip. It was great, I thought the organization of the event was very good, I didn't even have any problems getting the visa, I even found it easy. I think my results as an athlete helped in the interview”, she ventures. Regarding his participation in the event, Bruno believes that he did not show his best.

“I thought my performance was reasonable, I felt the weight of the competition a little. The ADCC is a different event from the others, it needs a great focus and specific training, as it has different scores and fight times. I would have worked more on my strategy, for sure,” he highlights.


Frazzato guarantees to be better prepared this year.

“I'm training more focused. In my old team I didn't have the support I have here in Rio Claro. We do three jiu-jitsu training sessions a day, with and without the gi, plus physical preparation. I'm monitored by a nutritionist and I try to follow exactly what she goes through, just taking a break on the weekends lol”, relaxes the fighter.


The champion is also an MMA fighter, his last appearance in the ring was in September 2007, maintaining an unbeaten record in four fights:

“I took a break from jiu-jitsu. My focus this semester is on sports competitions, I intend to win the world championship and the ADCC, and dedicate myself to MMA afterwards”, he reveals, highlighting the fruits of good results in the event:


“The recognition abroad for having an Abu Dhabi national title is great! I only fought in Deep because of ADCC. Without a doubt, it is a great showcase.”

As for the biggest opponents for winning this year's ADCC spot, Bruno preferred to avoid conflicts:

“I prefer not to mention names. In other interviews I mentioned the names of some fighters and the media keeps fueling the rivalry. The article ends up saying more about these intrigues than about me. I think all opponents have the potential to win the competition, today the sport is very level. In the last one I entered without anyone knowing me, there may be someone else this year”, he concludes.


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