Everything ready for the first MMA Forum

Everything is ready for the 1st National MMA Forum, which takes place in Ubatuba, a city on the coast of São Paulo. Speakers and guests arrived at the luxurious Wembley Inn Hotel this Friday and activities will begin this Saturday.

Topics on the agenda will be: events, production, card, scholarships, rules, arbitration, fundraising, post-events, sponsors and media, among others. The estimate is a total of 30 participants.

Some of the speakers are experts such as Miguel Repanas (arbitration); Ricardo Felix and Gustavo Conde (Sports Law); Xicão Joly (announcer and promoter); and Marcio Keske (prosecutor).


“It’s the first step of many things to come. We had a short time to complete it, but it was time to get started and we have good expectations. In the next few years, we will do even better and discuss new topics”, commented Marcio Keske.


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